Case Studies

1. Software and Internet Businesses

Disappointed customers turned to happy

Service Type: SQL Consultation > Incident Support > Deadlocks & Timeouts
Summary: We were hired to fix some deadlocks and timeouts in a Windows application written by a software company. The issues were analyzed, root causes were specified and four short-term solutions applied and in result the issues were resolved and to avoid these issues at future three intermediate and long-term solutions were recommended.
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Efficiency of software development team improved

Service Type: SQL Consultation > Advanced SQL Training
Summary: A custom training course including 30 hours over performance optimization and 20 hours over system monitoring and maintenance were presented to information center of a big organization and their current database situations were analyzed as training materials.
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2. Financial Services Businesses

65% time saves on data being collected from different offices

Service Type: SQL Consultation > Incident Support > Low Concurrency
Summary: The response time of a critical report used in a data collection process was very slow with 10 concurrent users while it was supposed to be used by about 50 concurrent users. Complete investigations were done, existing baselines analyzed and ultimately bottlenecks were found and fixed and in consequence, the response time with 50 concurrent users decreases from ~6 minutes to ~5 seconds at worst case scenario.
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3. Communications and Media Businesses

A system running 7*24 and collecting 15% of entire yearly donations

Service Type: SQL Consultation > Design and Development
Summary: A satellite TV had decided to design an innovative application to collect donations on fund raisings. We were hired to take the responsibility of database design and development from scratch. 152 tables, 63 stored procedures, 90 functions and three SSIS packages were designed also a high availability solution was provided to keep the database online 24 hours.
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4. Healthcare Businesses

Interruption avoided in a huge data warehouse containing data of 1025 hospital

Service Type: SQL Consultation > Incident Support > Data Type Change
Summary: The initial small size of ID field in a huge partitioned table was getting problematic. Considering defined relations on that field causing too much complexity, an SSIS package designed and partition switch in/out technique were used.
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5. Distribution and Retail Businesses

Database performance and security improved by a complete health check

Service Type: SQL Consultation > Database Health Check
Summary: In order to detect the root causes of slowness in a retailer database, a comprehensive database health check was performed and a complete issues checklist, risk reports and recommendations list were provided and most significant ones were applied and in result 20% to 85% improvement in web page loading time was observed and 3 security holes were fixed.
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6. Manufacturing Businesses

High transactional E-Commerce database working 24 hours

Service Type: Service Plans > Diamond
Summary: To keep a SQL Server database serving a global e-commerce always on and running, a comprehensive health check was done to detect all issues and risks. The check results were analyzed and solutions were provided and applied then a remote online monitoring was setup over the database. Based on the gathered data, unusual samples are analyzed to detect issues/bottlenecks and provide useful recommendations to avoid problems causing future interruptions.
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