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SQLMax Counters

Performance counters are built-in indicators in Windows operating system used to measure current state and performance of system resources. Windows operating system has more than 1300 performance counters in 60 categories. Often Windows counters are not used effectively due to insufficient user guide availability.

SQLMax Counters package is strictly focused on 69 major SQL Server-related performance counters in the following 11 categories: Data Read, Data Write, Physical Disk, Network, Database Files IO, Waits & Latches, SQL Statistics, Locks, Plan Cache, Cursors, and SQL Errors. The package is built using pure Windows text commands with no executable files and DLLs offering vast knowledge and can be customized for your specific requirements.
A document containing all required clarifications and threshold values is included in the package to help you detect variances. It also contains a batch file to automatically setup a performance monitoring task in Windows with the required parameters such as start time, end time, and sample rate.


  • Live performance monitoring
  • Resource consumption measurement
  • Bottleneck and risk exposure
  • Baseline generation


The results of counter sampling are stored in external files and can be viewed on a graph like bellow using Windows standard tool (PerfMon.exe) or any compatible application to make investigation easier.

SQLMax Counters Graph

We are highly confident that the combination of SQLMax Library and SQLMax Counters can detect almost any SQL Server issue and bottleneck. Receive a free SQLMax Counters package when you purchase the SQLMax library.