About Us

We are located in sunny Orange County, California and we have been providing SQL Server solutions since 2004

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a superior work environment where dedicated professionals provide businesses and software experts a complete set of reliable, innovative, scalable and cost-effective SQL Server database & data warehouse solutions bringing peace of mind where data matters

Our Vision

Our vision is a world with prompt wise decisions derived from reliable data

Our Story

Learning something the hard way was the beginning of our story! In 2002 Reza, SQLMax founder, had just completed his graduate studies and had become involved with a team of software developers, working on a massive project. Since the team’s understanding of a database was limited to just some select, update and delete statements, they had been very much focused on designing and developing the application and the user interfaces and neglecting the database; in consequence, when the data grew substantially over time, numerous destructive performance issues showed up due to inappropriate design, poor SQL scripts, missed configurations and lack of maintenance plans.

Complications of that challenge amongst many other repeated deficiencies in database expertise motivated Reza to dedicate his professional life to comprehensive and innovative SQL Server solutions. In 2004 he introduced a passionate and determined team of database experts and since has evolved to SQLMax; a company with the belief that a robust database for an application is as critical as a solid foundation for a skyscraper.

Our History

Our Values

Integrity and honesty is the cornerstone of all operations at SQLMax. We believe that commitment to transparency, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect is the route to developing long-lasting partnerships. We have a passion for our vision and mission. We pride ourselves in working through big challenges and beating expectations. We promote teamwork to continuously provide innovative solutions. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers and partners.

SQLMax Values

Our Beliefs

  • Customer satisfaction comes first and all else follows
  • If you wouldn’t buy it then don’t try to sell it
  • A new opportunity is a new way to help customers
  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication
  • To be useful promotes continuity and to be innovative makes progress

  Appreciate your interest in knowing more about us!