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SQL Source Codes for Drill Down Inspection

SQLMax Library

SQLMax Library is a complete set of pure SQL source codes consisting of 190+ SQL Server advanced stored procedures and functions in 40+ categories and two levels of server and database. The inputs, outputs and processes of all stored procedures and functions can be customized based on any requirements. This library is compatible with MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012 and 2014; it is designed for Database Managers, DBAs, Database Developers, Programmers and Tech Support team for drill down inspection on SQL Server and also can be used as a great source of SQL Server programming techniques, tricks and internal operations.

System admins can install the modules in required SQL Server databases and call them through SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), SQL Consoles or any other application connected to SQL Server.

SQLMax modules view through SQL Server Management Studio

SQLMax Library Functions

Major Functionalities

The combination of SQLMax Library and SQLMax Counters provides you a complete package for diagnostics & troubleshooting revealing almost any internal SQL Server issues, bottlenecks and their root causes.

Monitor the following to quickly get a full picture of current SQL Server status and detect present issues and the root causes such as blocking and blocked sessions.

  • Connections
  • Sessions
  • Requests (Such as current SQL statements, module names, CPU times, Durations, physical and logical reads/writes)
  • Tasks (Parallel queries are broken down to tasks and each task is assigned to a CPU)
  • Memory grants
  • Waiting types
  • Lock requests
  • Transactions
  • Cursors

With Advanced Profiling you can take a snapshot view of all ongoing processes with important fields including database name, session ID, program name, module name, SQL statement, duration, CPU, read/write, wait types, SQL & plan handle, start time and command type.
Advanced Profiling stored procedures can be called at any time and duration through a SQL job. The logged data can help you detect the root cause of issues/bottlenecks and determine the areas which require tuning.

Advanced Profiling vs. SQL Server Standard Profiler tool

  • Advanced Profiling stored procedures can log all wait types and many other helpful information
  • Advanced Profiling can be done in two levels of summary (requests) and details (tasks)
  • Advanced Profiling can be fully customized
  • Advanced Profiling has lower overhead cost

In SQLMax Library, there is a set of stored procedures to specify whether or not CPU, Memory, Disk IO, Tempdb, Network IO and Virtual Memory are currently under pressure.

These source codes can eliminate the confusion over the definition of pressure on system hardware and clarify the differences between fully utilized resources versus overloaded resources.

Extremes Finder stored procedures can help you specify the minimum and maximum of significant performance indicators to quickly detect the areas which require urgent care.

  • Longest SQL modules and queries
  • High resource consuming SQL modules and queries
  • Most memory, CPU and IO consuming sessions and databases
  • Data files with the most IO amount and IO Stalls
  • Longest wait types
  • Most happening wait types
  • Most/least valuable indexes and execution plans
  • Most/least scanned, seek and looked up indexes
  • Indexes with largest and smallest size

Two methods to capture deadlocks.

  • SQL Server Log
  • Event Notification

File IO Profiler modules can help you with accurate query and storage performance tuning by capturing IO information including data file name, read/write size and number.

SQLMax Library Modules

The modules started with "s" are stored procedures and started with "f" are functions.

* Mouse over for details.

    Complete list of SQL modules declaration

    SQLMax Library vs. Competition

    # Criterion SQLMax Library Other DBA Tools
    (RedGate, Quest, Confio & Idera)
    1 Source Codes Included Not Included
    2 Installation Easy
    (Just copy and paste into a SQL Server Management Studio)
    Usual Installation
    3 Configuration Not Required Required
    4 Execution As easy as executing a stored procedure in Management Studio Same as executing web or desktop applications
    5 Customization Unlimited Limited
    6 Overhead Lower Higher
    7 Registration Not Required Required
    8 User SQL Expertise Intermediate Basic
    9 Refundable No Yes

    Customer Testimonials

    " We use SQLMax Library and SQLMax Counters and we have been always able to detect all root causes of bottlenecks such as poor stored procedures and high CPU, memory, disk IO and tempdb consuming queries. "
    " We were encountering too many “SOS_SCHEDULER_YIELD” and “CX_PACKET” wait types in our SQL Server. I used Advanced Profiling stored procedure of SQLMax Library and during the first run, it revealed which SQL statements among many lines of SQL codes were causing those waits. "
    " SQLMax Library provided our team insight on internal operations and logics of SQL Server and also taught us many interesting and useful SQL codes and programming techniques to enhance our existing stored procedures. "
    " We don’t have a DBA in our team. The modules of the Library helped me to easily detect the queries causing a deadlock. I am grateful for the support and the step by step guidance I received to get rid of the bug. "
    " When a session is stuck, I easily copy, paste and execute a SQLMax Library stored procedure and monitor on-going processes to quickly figure out in which stored procedure and line the session is stuck and what causes the issue. "


    SQLMax Library Package

    • SQLMax Library
    • Complementary SQLMax Counters
    • User guide (modules functionality & usage)
    • Free bug fixes
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    • SQLMax library is regularly enhanced with new useful modules and the new releases are available at no extra cost with the purchase of the support package.
    • Custom modules can be created at no charge if our experts find them beneficial for other customers and the requester allows us to add the new modules to SQLMax Library.

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