Advanced Training

Become a SQL Server Master

Advance Training

When the goal is to design and develop a project in the most efficient way, you need a team who is experienced with extensive up-to-date knowledge.

During years of delivering SQL services, we have created a comprehensive centralized SQL Server knowledge base. Our advanced training services are designed to transfer the knowledge base to you and your team based on your requirements. The courses are designed to benefit database administrators, data developers and software developers and can be conducted virtually or in-person.

To see the list of all subject matters, download our “SQL Server Breakdown” at the page footer. You can customize your private training sessions’ topics.

The training topics can be over SQL Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012 and 2014 based on your preferences and most topics can be applied on SQL Server 2005 as well.

To make the most out of the training sessions, we encourage attendees to bring current real cases or questions to be fully analyzed.

Popular Training Topics

  • Query Rewrites (Organic Optimization)
  • SQL Execution Plan Analysis
  • SQL Diagramming
  • Query and Table Hints
  • Indexes and Statistics Analysis
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Retrieved Data Analysis
  • Middle Tier Architecture
  • Advanced Relational Data Modeling
  • Advanced Multi-Dimensional Data Modeling
  • Advanced Database Design
  • Planning
    • Storage Requirement
      • Storage Architecture
      • Disk Types
      • RAID Types
    • I/O Capacity Requirement
      • Disk Saturation
      • Host Bus Adapter (HBA) saturation
    • Memory Requirements
    • CPU Requirements
  • Configuration
    • Operating Systems
    • SQL Server Engine
    • Database
    • Tempdb
    • Database Files, File-Groups and Table Partitioning
  • Long Execution Duration
  • Low Concurrency
  • Slow Response Time
  • Deadlocks and Blocks
  • Timeouts
  • Security & Access Issues
  • High Resource Usage (Memory, CPU, IO, Network, Virtual Memory and Tempdb)
  • Popular Wait Types
    • CXPacket
    • LCK_M_%
    • LATCH_%
    • SLEEP_%
  • Major Causes of Performance Downgrade
  • Indicators of SQL Server Performance
  • Signs of Ultimate Resources Consumption
  • Technical Criterion of Performance Measurement
  • 69 most significant Windows performance counters (Acceptable values and thresholds)
  • Major DMVs and DMFs monitoring modules
  • Monitoring tools & pros and cons
  • Advanced SQL Modules for Bottlenecks Detection
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Disk
    • Tempdb
    • Network
    • Virtual Memory
  • SSIS Architecture & Design Improvement
  • SSIS Package Optimization
  • Control Flow Tasks Optimization
  • Data Flow Tasks Optimization
  • Events Handling & Logging Improvement
  • Overview of data modeling concepts
  • Super-type/sub-type
    • Generalization
    • Specialization
  • Categorization (Union)
  • Aggregation
    • Aggregation vs. Categorization
  • Problems with ER models
    • Fan traps
    • Chasm traps

Comprehensive discussion of the most significant and advanced SQLMax Library modules including

  • Advanced SQL commands and internal processes inside of the modules
  • Applied system functions and procedures
  • Advanced SQL Server concepts
  • Inputs/outputs parameters and result sets
  • Module customization

Designed for senior SQL Server experts.