FAQ - SQLMax Library

  • Highly valuable source codes are not available on the web.
  • The source codes found on the web are not reliable because they lack support, proper evaluation and optimization.
  • Usually uncommon and exceptional aspects of SQL Server are not covered by free source codes
  • Free source codes gathered from different websites are not categorized and in order.
  • Free source codes are only educational and mainly to attract web visitors, however SQLMax Library is a professional tool designed just for you.

The modules have been used by our customers and team in various environments for many years. They are regularly updated and enhanced based on new reports, requirements, bugs as well as customer’s feedback. Based on our experience, the combination of SQLMax Library and SQLMax Counters can detect almost any SQL Server issue and bottleneck.

No specific platform and hardware are required. The modules can be installed in SQL Server 2005+. To call the modules, you need SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or any other console connected to SQL Server.

sysadmin role is required to install the modules. The access level requirement for executing the modules varies. sysadmin role is required to execute the entire modules, but some of the procedures can be executed even with public role.

Intermediate SQL knowledge is required for SQLMax Library users.

Users have the right to fully customize the source codes and install them in any database. Users are not allowed to use the Library to create database tools for sale.

Yes and it would be free if our experts find it beneficial for other users and the requester gives us the right to include it in SQLMax Library.

FAQ - Services

  • SQLMax team has over 80 years of experience in database design, development and administration which is available to all of our experts saving our customers money on technology research, human resources and training.
  • Over the years we have created a complete set of work routines and flowcharts for database services and common issues which can help our experts define start and end points, automate operations and avoid costly mistakes.
  • To avoid costly future changes, team brain storming is always available to each expert to fully analyze options and select the most effective and long lasting solutions.
  • We have many years of experience working with various businesses giving us the capability to quickly catch on to new business logics, rules and requirements. This saves you time required for business training.
  • Qualified database experts are in high demand and hard to find. A long-term contract with SQLMax gives you a quick access to highly qualified database experts which helps you reduce hiring and retention cost.
  • Our customizable SLA allows you to save money by only paying for what you need and as long as you need it.

We offer you supplemental database support to help your DBA focus on the tasks with higher priority. We are able to setup a remote database monitoring and decrease your DBA’s overhead in database supervision. We can cooperate with your DBA to resolve the issues whenever incidents occur.
We can also administer a database health check and let your DBA know current issues, threats and risks to help tune database performance and avoid future incidents.

You need a service plan if it’s required to keep your SQL Server databases continuously performing within expectation and your data must be safeguarded against human errors and natural disasters.

Setup a free consultation and let us evaluate your requirements and specify the most suitable options and cost estimate.

We use the most up-to-date firewalls, anti-virus and security system to increase the level of privacy, confidentially and security of our customer’s data and routines.
All credentials are encrypted and be accessed through a tough security policy. All events and requests are logged in our secure servers. We have a regular routine to make sure all new patches are installed on our systems.

Our SQL Server Services are applicable on SQL Server 2000 and higher and SQLMax Library can be installed in SQL Server 2005 and higher.

We can do both on-site and remote services based on your requirements and SLA.

Not at all; we will follow your internal security and confidentiality policies. What is done on your systems will be documented in details and provided to you.

Yes. You can have a real dedicate DBA expert 24 hours.

FAQ - General

For our customers’ convenience, we accept most payment types including direct deposit, check, money order and debit/credit cards through PayPal.