Security Management

Protect what matters most


Unfortunately security does not ship in the box. Each database application is unique in its requirements, execution environment, deployment model, physical location, and user population. It’s required that a security expert investigates and determines which combination of features and functionality are most appropriate to counter known security threats and anticipate the future ones.

Enterprises need to stay on the forefront of data security practices, ensuring that new and evolving threats are met with equally robust security measures.
Security architecture & policies should be considered at design time and reevaluated regularly to prevent risks that may emerge as the system evolves. In addition to regular reevaluation, the system should also undergo the full scale reevaluation when there is security breach, critical credential hack or major system upgrade.

Statistics show that most system attacks occur from within an organization. Therefore even if your database is not exposed to the outside world or it is kept inside a firewall, it is still critical to make the system and databases as secure as possible no matter where they exist.

We can help you avoid security issues and mitigate potential risks wherever vulnerability is detected. We can either evaluate and improve your current security system or design a reliable custom architecture based on your business requirements.

  • Security Strategies and Architecture
  • SQL Server Security
    • Principals
    • Permissions
    • Authentication
    • Authorization
    • Data Encryption
    • SQL Server Audits
  • Network and Platform Security
    • Applications
    • IIS & Services
    • Operating System
    • Network
    • Physical Security
  • Security Monitoring
  • Firewalls and Security Tools
  • SQL Injection
  • Elevation of Privilege
  • Probing and Intelligent Observation
  • Authentication Attack
  • Passwords Attack